MiMo style Pool & Garden

Garden and Swimming pool, Takapuna. This swimming pool and garden draw heavily on the Miami Modern (MiMo) style architecture, using strong form and straight lines as well as materials from the architectural palette such as Iranian Travertine and bleached cedar. The extended side wall of the pool is tiled, providing a rich textural experience and resolving the sloping ground level at the northern boundary.

Minimalist pool design

The design brief called for a strong street presence, this was delivered via the cedar clad letter-box feature and a plaster boundary wall comprised of staggered sections.

Contemporary entrance design

Clipped Titoki trees provide effective screening between neighbours.  Predominantly inward looking from garden level, the garden provides a private sanctuary with a good balance of paved area and lawn space to cater to a variety of family uses.

Tiled water wall, Garden texture - grasses
Paved outdoor area, wall materials and plants

Client and contractor: Synergy Homes