Country Courtyard

Country Courtyard, Waitakere Ranges. This garden’s form is generated by the architectural programme, a collection of built forms, placed at various angles to each other, inspiration gathered from the way in which farm buildings spring up over time around the farmhouse.

Courtyard design
Courtyard design

The sloping site called for retaining walls and steps, this “built landscape” either runs out and disappears into the natural contour or finishes abruptly, contrasting sharply with the sloped banks and local rock.

Deck design, concrete retainer wall

Surrounded by regenerating native bush the planting follows a strict rule – if it is on the ground, then the plant must be native and local. Plants in a pot or constructed space may be exotic. Shuttered concrete constructed from recycled plywood is used for the retaining walls and steps, stained timber decks bring warmth to the scheme.

Contemporary courtyard, garden detail

Designed and installed by Urbanite